Software By Design
At Blindspot Creative we think it’s really good practice to apply design methodologies to every aspect of a project, at every iteration. Because good design requires an open and inquiring mind we aren’t fixed to one particular methodology, stack, or platform. For every project we seek out the right mix of tools and techniques.
Visual Expression User Experience Software Architecture
UI/UX Design Digital Art Installations Web Services
Web Applications Mobile Apps Branding and Design
The Story
We have deep experience working on a wide variety of software products, including full stack web apps, mobile games, tools, and libraries. We use a variety frameworks and languages, always searching for the best solution to a given problem. Most recently we've been specializing in web based apps and services, with a focus on tracking newer technologies and techniques. Because this area of knowledge is so dynamic, and the future is always being written now, we think it's important to look for the best match of product and technology, rather than relying uncritically on the known and comfortable.
Centered Flexible Focused
Principal: Randy Smithey

Bend, Oregon